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 Often, the most overlooked aspect of any wedding is quality entertainment for the evening reception.

We all love live bands, however not all bands can offer the wide array of music an experienced Wedding Dj can provide, or adapt as quickly if things are not going to plan... 

Gone are the days or are they? that discos are all thumping loud music and flashing lights, thankfully that has never been the case here at  ‘Nightowl’ 

We specialise in weddings, it’s what our business in the 70‘s& 80’s was founded upon, and our 20 mobile discos then covered in excess of 600 weddings a year.....

Firstly we understand there is usually a wide range in age at weddings and the fact that in the modern day, families often only ever really meet up at such functions, With this in mind we strive never to be to loud. Equally our lighting for wedding is softer and more romantic, we can also provide themed room up lighting that is in keeping with your wedding theme.

Musically we approach weddings much like a band would, and less like the formal nightclub DJ style adopted by so many other discotheques. 

We carry music from the 20’s to latest Chart. Traditional Scottish Ceilidh music is often a must, we have all the music required to do a whole Scottish Ceilidh  night if required. 

Also its your wedding and we will delighted to discuss with you and tailor your play list to YOUR requirements. Over the years ‘Nightowl’ have arranged to mention just a few, themed, Line dance and Northern Soul weddings, the list is endless.

If you have any ideas on a theme for your reception we are always happy to discuss these with you, after all, it is YOUR night! 


First Dance

We will play the music you have chosen for your first dance, and formally introduce the Bride and Groom then Bridal Party, endeavouring to introduce the two families together for a fun filled romantic evening,.

Usually Weddings ‘take off’ after the buffet…. 

so after playing soft quite Lounge music while your guests are dinning and chatting we build the evening to a crescendo with Auld Lang Syne and Loch Lomond to end with


Wedding Karaoke option is a very popular addition to any Wedding party, after all what’s a Scottish Wedding without a Family sing song?

 Setting up

Whenever possible we like to ‘set up’ and test & sound-check prior to the evening entertainment. It is our aim always to be the least stressful element of your big day...

We will be ready to play before your guests arrive whenever possible, and will wait until they have left before ‘racking down‘.

 Dress Code/ Conduct  

Our DJs are always properly attired and usually in Scotland will work in a Kilt, we enforce a strict no drinking policy, and our DJs are always respectful of clients and the surroundings.

Hi Gordon,
I just wanted to say a massive thank you for sunday night. You played fantastic music and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it.
Absolutely outstanding

Nikki J 

Gordon, Thank you so much for everything you did to make the Wedding on 10th October in the Mercure such a success.
Everyone we have spoken to were knocked out by the night.
Seeing Scooty & the Skyhooks dancing to their own music was quite weird, but they loved it.
All the best for the future.
Brian & Louise.



 With thanks to Lyndsay & Bruce Parker & David & Polly Scott for kind permission for use of photographs

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