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Sharon L D Finch

Choreographer & Coach



Duration 70min.


Duration 80min



Filmed in Huddersfield in summer of 2009 these joint productions not only " keep the faith.." but we hope, Spread it as well ...


Sharon runs the only Northern Soul dance classes in Europe teaching northern soul to pupils from as far away Japan, We are excited to be working with Sharon on this project as her talent, enthusiasm and passion are unbridled

For our part we wanted to capture in broadcast quality the steps,and the feel for this cult dance form, as most dancers learned from watching other's we hope that no matter what level you dance at you will find something to capture your Soul...




The DVD's are filmed in avchd broadcast quality and edited in avid and each film has some extras for good measure, We are however aware of "Pirate" copies of the film, and a massive thanks to the 3 people that alerted us to this fact.

 We have changed the label on the disc and each disc now comes with a certificate of proprietary copyright


A massive thank you to those who allready ordered the dvd's and the kind comments that you have all made about them














Hi , Just received your 4 DVDs and very impressed.  I have been going to events for 5 years now but never been able to dance to this fantastic music that I listen to, the DVDs I know will now let my dream come true, many thanks.
Got the DVD, superb, very good how you break down the steps. I am working through it and it is just great.
(Paul, Scotland)
Just wanted to let you know that I purchased both the ladies DVDs and think they are fantastic.  I am repeating the beginners at the moment to get the steps second nature and then I will go on to the intermediate.  You are a great teacher and your warmth and love for your art radiate on screen and make it very enjoyable to do.  With thanks to you. 
Just thought I would drop you a line to say I think the DVDs are fantastic, please let me know when you do the advanced one and I will definately have a copy.
Got the DVD the other day.  Superb, verry very good how you break down the steps.  All I need to do now is set up the spare tv in the kitche & were off.  I will soon be ready for the next one.
Just a note to say your DVDs are greatI've just received your dvd on wednesday.  It's fan-bloody-tastic.  The way you've broken down the steps is a touch of genius.  I've been practising all day today.  I'm coming to one of your courses now - Thanks again.










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