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21 July 2014Bebe Sparkle / Just Brothers

Hey Sliced Tomato Heads!  This news is sure to blow you away. Tears Ago (Come Back to Me) by The Just Brothers featuring Bebe Sparkle (on the music page of our website) will be on the radio in Scotland! Hurray!!!  103.3 Oban FM Radio in Scotland, DJ Gordon Covey will play it on Tuesdays between 7:00 - 8:00 PM our time and Thursdays at 10:00 AM our time. Gordon sent me an email saying he thought the song was quite funky! and wanted to play it on both his afternoon and evening show!  Is that amazing or what?!! God is Goodl!   You can go to www.obanfm.com or click on the link below to pick up the station online via facebook.  Gordon said he'll play Sliced Tomatoes first then segue into Bebe' s Tears Ago (Come Back To Me)!  Wow! we couldn't ask for anything more.  So all you Sliced Tomato Heads please to go to www.obanfm.com or click on the link below to pick up the station online and write somethin on facebook to let Gordon know how much you love the song and how much you love the show. Gordon also said that Sliced Tomatoes got a mention on the update to the new motion picture Northern Soul the movie and extended sound track CD.  Let's all congratulate the Just Brothers and Bebe Sparkle. Keep the Faith!  We're just getting started!  Things will be better tomorrow! 



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